Cody Hoerig
Director. Producer. Creator.



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Cody Hoerig is a film, television and commercial Director/Producer. He also has a deep passion for photography, But above all else he is a CREATOR.


“The position and career I am in now has been sort of an evolution for me”

The creative life journey of Cody Hoerig started in the still photography realm. However, it was only a matter of time until he realized his calling was in the motion picture industry. Cody Directed and Produced his first feature film at the age of 24. The Mercury Cycle was met with critical acclaim and went on to win multiple awards on the festival circuit. Cody went on to work as a Camera Operator and Field Producer for a television show on Fox Networks. After his stint in television and many other commercial side projects, Cody directed and produced a complete series package aimed for major US streaming and broadcast networks. 

Currently, Cody has found his calling in the commercial directing and producing world and goes to war daily with a variety of creative agencies. 

“There is something about cinema that can hit you, deep down in your soul, a really good film envelopes you, and you connect with every aspect of it. Cinema has the ability to transport you to a different world. I wanted to be part of that world. For me it was something about the collective nature of film, the visuals, the story and the sound.”

“Rather then being in front of the lens I find that I can express myself much more artistically from behind it. The great thing about being behind the lens is you get to tell a story. Even in its most rudimentary form, cinema allows you to tell a visual story. That alone is wonderful, but when you add music, sound, voice and a written narrative, you really get to explore the possibilities of cinema.”

“I subscribe to the notion that the best mentor is ‘life itself’; use life and its experiences, the people you meet, and the things that happen, as a guiding source for inspiration and knowledge. You can never stop learning from the world around you, no matter how old and experienced you are. The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop living.”