Cody Hoerig
Director. Producer. Creator.
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Wise Eyes

Simple but powerful and effective. I snapped this shot in a spur of the moment shoot when I was out to lunch with my grandparents. I happen to have my camera with me and as we were walking out to leave and say our goodbyes, I noticed my grandfathers face was so photogenic, it just looked very raw and natural to me. He has such an interesting face, and as I was shooting he just gave me this very honest and warming smile.

When I shoot portraits I prefer to show the real person in front of the lens, imperfections and all. Why hide reality with makeup and heavy photoshop re-touching? Granted certain situations call for both of the latter, but for the most part my favorite portraits show the subject honestly. The wrinkles the imperfections in the skin, the glow in the eye, it all comes together to create a very real look at the subject.