Cody Hoerig
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I'm Back

"With time comes change, with change comes growth, with growth comes adversity, with adversity comes learning, with learning comes enlightenment. Enlightenment takes time, and with time comes change. It truly is a cycle."

It has been about 5 years since I posted on here and updated my website. I feel like a million different unexpected things have happened in that span of time. Some great things, some truly terrible unforeseen things. A lot has changed in my life, I have learned a great deal about myself, my craft and life in general. Adversity breeds learning, and you can never stop learning. I always have looked at life through the prism of the old adage “there is no such thing as a problem, only an opportunity to learn”.With that said, I have refocused my energy on my brand, put a greater emphasis on returning to my roots in still photography. I think regularly partaking in your first original passion is a very therapeutic and important process.I finally created a new logo, one that I feel reflects my design style and overall philosophy. It is simple and clean yet abstract. In time I will be incorporating it into my branding, along with what seems like a mountain of unreleased footage, projects and pictures I have yet to post. Time truly is the only currency that matters.


Speaking of time....I have been packaging an incredibly promising and fun new cooking show from the ground up that my team and I hope to soon sell to a major cable network, a project like this takes a great deal of time to get ready and perfect, and we are close to the finish line.I have also started conceptualization and pre-production on a new documentary that deals with chronic pain and pain science. This is something I have become passionate about out of necessity and I feel there are many stories to be told to the world about chronic pain and pain in general.As always, I am open and available for collaborations and freelance work.

Much Love,

- Cody