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Athlete Highlight

"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you."

Push Through

Dylon is a local personal and athletic trainer, additionally he is also a model, so the goal for this shoot was to showcase Dylon in a variety of athletic situations. I also wanted to shoot some more abstract and posed shots to highlight his modeling talent as well.

This was a quick and dirty shoot, we had access to a great local crossfit gym so I wanted to use the strength of the space in the shots to support and highlight the amazing athlete that Dylon is.

As with all of my shoots I approached this in the most simplistic way possible. My goal was to shoot mostly with one light, but since I was going for a more commercial look, I knew I needed a second light as a kicker. With the commercial feel in mind, I was ok with letting my rim light fire in frame, I think it gives it a nice look, and you always have the benefit of capturing those really nice lens flairs!

My main key was a 46” Westcott Apollo Orb, and for a rim I just used a bare 285 with diffusion. Simple one light setups with an added second light when necessary.